Bar Pianist Gala at the Budapest Music Center
(9th of December, 2013)

The late János Orosz, a legendary bar pianist, passed away a few years ago, had been a solid member of Bar Pianist Concerts and Gala evenings between 2003 and 2007.
He was amongst the very first Bar Pianist Competitors and took 2nd prize, and he found real friends amongst his fellow competitors, such as: Sándor Farkas,  Ottó Ökrös, Tibor Taligás  and István Táborosi, and their final performance together they weren’t playing against, but for each other at MÜPA (Palace of Arts, Budapest).
‘Janika’ no longer touches the black and white keyboard-but thanks to a lucky coincidence his handwritten sheet music is still with us. His counterparts not only went through his sheet music, enthusiastically, but played it over and over again and soon chose  the music closest to their hearts out of the unique collection.

Nostalgia and elegance are the pillars of the Bar Pianist Gala Evening, taking place in December, 2013. His former friends and the winner of last year’s competition will help emulate the  masterpieces from the past: each will perform a piece at the piano keys along with Artúr Berki. On stage different generations will appear together, such artists, who play from their hearts; people who simply love what they do.
On this exclusive evening 5 extraordinary talents showcase the best of their agenda on the piano of infinite opportunities.

- Atúr Berki (Winner of 2011/2012 Bar Pianist Competition)
- Sándor Farkas (Winner of 2003 and 2005 Bar Pianist Competition)
- Ottó Ökrös (Winner of 2004 Bar Pianist Competition)
- Tibor Taligás (3rd Place in 2003, and 2nd Place in 2005 Bar Pianist Competition)
- István Táborosi (3rd Place in 2004 and winner of the audience award, and winner of 2005 Bar Pianist Competition)

Ticket Prices: 4.990 HUF